Pillow Top Mattress Reviews:The Beautyrest Black pillow-top mattress


pillow top mattress reviews

The Beautyrest Natasha Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress is the finest sleep technology that you will ever experience. When it comes to pillow top mattress reviews, certain mattresses have one key trait going for them and for this pillow-top mattress, its luxury.  A luxurious pillow top mattress in a stylish black which is a mattress of total satisfaction only fit for royalty. The Beautyrest Black is guaranteed to last thanks to the companies reassured 10 year Limited Warranty. The Beautyrest Natasha Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress has advanced pocketed coil technology. The advanced coil system provides intense comfortability while making sure to amplify the comfortability to your pressure points and the arch of your back.

In terms of sleeping experience, the Beautyrest Black pillow-top mattress adjusts to every curve of your body leaving you well rested and feeling reenergized. This pillow top mattress goes beyond the norm, creating a pleasant atmosphere where sleep is always welcome. The Surface Cool Plus Fiber located at the surface of the mattress is designed to dissipate body heat, keeping your bed at an ideal temperature. The Surface Cool Plus Fiber combined with the Micro Diamond Memory Foam is designed to deliver the ultimate support. Embedded with individually unique diamonds in the foam, the diamonds conduct heat away from the sleeping individual. Thus resulting in preventing the individual and their partner from overheating while they are asleep.

The combined features of this pillow top mattress are outstanding which is why we mentioned that it screams luxury when it comes to pillow top mattress reviews. Working together, you will get the highest amount of comfort, destroying those hated aches and pains. Temperature management from fibers and micro diamonds designed to keep you cool. The Beautyrest Black pillow top mattress will give you all the support and durability you will ever need. Do yourself a favor. Treat yourself to a luxury that will improve your life the very first night. Awakening on the Beautyrest Natasha Luxury Firm Pillow Top Mattress will have you feeling like the nobility that you are.


  • Well Built Pillow-top mattress that is built durably
  • The Pillow top mattress does an amazing job at supporting the sleeper
  • Extremely short break in period when you compare it to similar mattresses


  • When it comes to pricing, this mattress is on the high side.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the mattress is not an easy task.

Bottom Line

If you want one of the best pillow top mattress money can buy, then look no further than the Beautyrest Black Natasha Luxury queen size pillow top mattress. Rest assured that you will get a great sleeping experience with this mattress and it will last you for years to come thanks to the extra long warranty provided. The coil springs found inside this mattress does a geart job at relieving pressure as well as morphing into the sleeper’s shape. That said, the only knocks we could find with this mattress is the high price tag and overall pillow top mattress maintenance.

Editor’s Rating

  •   Comfortability 88%
  • Longevity/Durability 91%
  • Price 72%
  • Motion Isolation 83%
  • Maintaince 82%
  • Break In Period 87%
  • Overall 86.5%